Chair Dialogue



—Can I have a moment?

—What is it?

—Mission accomplished. The matter’s settled.

—What matter?

—Oh, forgive me. The most important matter of all. The major problem.

—The major problem? What are you talking about?

—The testimony.

—But of course! Good heavens, how terrible! One devotes oneself full-time to the essential questions, one focuses all one’s energies on them, and at a certain moment one simply forgets them, or deals with them in a trice.

—Perhaps you should start delegating a little more.

—Perhaps you should be more aware of your place when someone confides in you. Delegate more! You still don’t seem to understand what’s hanging over us. Why do you think this project was set up? Tell me, how long have you been working on this file?

—Over seventy years in human time.

—Tell me about it.

—Where shall I begin?


‘Dialogue’ is inspired by the Prologue from Mulish’s novel ‘The Discovery of Heaven’.
Material: steel sheet unfinished

part of the collection ‘Thierry Barbier-Mueller’, Genève, Switzerland


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manufacturing Arthur Dreissen

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