After working in architectural offices, Frans Willigers decided to dedicate himself to his great passion, designing furniture. Every design starts from questions about the furniture. These may relate to the construction, material or use of the furniture. However, they can also be about the history or associations that furniture evokes. The end result is a direct, unambiguous translation of these starting points.

In recent years, the search for the essence of designs has led to the creation of abstract objects. These objects deal with elementary matters of spatial design such as gravity, balance, emptiness, mass, shadow, dark and light.




IJ Kunst Collectief
Loods 6, Amsterdam, 29 March-31 March

‘Dialogue’ chairs included in Thierry Barbier-Mueller Art collection, Geneva

Kunstlijn Haarlem, 2-3 November 2019

Triennale ‘Reciprocity Design’, Museé d’Ansembourg, Liège, Belgium
5 October-25 November 2018
Cube Design Museum Kerkrade, 3 March-27 May 2018
Kunst Centrum Haarlem, 10 February-17 March 2018

Masterly, The Dutch in Milano Milan, Italy, Palazzo Francesco Turati,
12-17 April 2016

Nhow Hotel Rotterdam. lounge, February-March 2014
Object 2014 Rotterdam, interior 30th floor with Zetel, 6-9 February 2014
Chair Chain Amsterdam, Elle Festival 27-29 June 2014
Stoel en Design Amsterdam, Museum Geelvinck, 20-29 June 2014
SediaHUB@BUG18 Milan, Via Gaspare Bugatti, 18 17-22 April 2014

Start Crowdfunding LAT Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage, 5-12-2013
Stoelendans Amsterdam, CBK, 23-8-2013 to 6-10-2013

Woonbeurs Amsterdam, RAI, 24-9-2011 to 2-10-2011

Tuttobene Milan, Via Savona 18, 14-19 April 2010

Tuttobene Milan, Via Savona 6, 22-27 April 2009
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Town Hall, 17-25 October 2009