Flexible office Cammello

In recent years many companies have developed new types of office furnishings with the majority of designs being developed purely for big offices. At the moment the growth of freelancers and other self-employed is enormous, with a total of 50,000 in the Netherlands in 2015, and these numbers are increasing with 5% each year! These people work alone but also in changing cooperations of short or long durations. They work at home, grand cafés and other temporary workspaces. The answer therefore to these flexible ways of working is furniture with the same flexibility.
Flexibility is the keyword of the design Cammello. Every piece of furniture can be composed of single elements, elements that can be purchased or leased separately.
Cammello is basic and allows other manufacturers to add new elements such as electricity, lights, bags and crates. The technical production is low-tech and can be performed by local companies.

Material: beech, MDF colored, compact top




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